In honor of Coachella, I decided to do a Festival lookbook that is extremely inexpensive. We are in the season of festivals. Coachella just recently passed and much more are coming.  So I thought this look would look great for an outdoor concert such as  Coachella. I really love the prints and how fun they are on this top . I also love the off the shoulders top this season just because it classy yet sexy and makes you feel free. My short are a DIY that only cost me $2.00. I literally got a pair jeans from my local thrift shop and got some scissors and made it happen. It was my first DIY so don’t judge to hard but I am very proud of them. And what is a festival look without a summer hat? I don’t know either. My hat is from Target and I love this so much.

I hope you like this look and I will have more every week.

Top: Forever21

Short: DIY

Shoes: LoveCulture

Necklace: Forever21

Hat: Target




If you’re like me then you usually spend more time searching Netflix than actually watching movies. The whole reason “Netflix & Chill” began is because it takes so damn long to find a movie worth watching, so sex just happens to happen.

Problem solved, check out my Netflix recommendations (#NETREC).  I’ll be sharing little Netflix gems that I come across every month, enjoy!